Best Dishwashers in India

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Best Dishwashers in India
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Washing dishes is undoubtedly the most daunting task for everyone when it comes to maintaining the household chores. Things become worse when you have a big family. From a large cooker filled with stains to the frying pan to different-sized plates, and many others – washing dishes involve a lot of time, energy, and effort. But fret not, you can relax and breathe a little as a dishwasher can help you out with the task of doing dishes.

Just like the washing machines help you in washing your clothes, a dishwasher helps you with washing all your dishes, thereby saving both your time and effort. The concept of dishwashers for the kitchen has popularized itself, especially during the lockdown. Eventually, a majority of people are investing in the best kind of dishwashers to wash all their kitchen utensils without any manual effort. Consequently, different brands have introduced some of the best dishwashers that you can buy to wash your dishes.

How Does A Dishwasher Work?

The mechanism of a dishwasher is very easy. This equipment is very effective. You are merely required to remove the excess food before putting the dishes in the washer. A dishwasher comprises compartments for the dishes of different sizes. Some of them even come with a modular mechanism to let you wash more plates, if need be. While you are required to put in soap and detergents in some dishwashers to complete the process of washing dishes, others come with in-built machinery. They comprise a detergent, soap, and salt and you don’t have to add anything additionally for the perfect cleaning of your dishes.

The use of dishwashers has made the life of many of us easy. Thankfully, we can now invest our time in other important activities and let this device do its job.

The Best Dishwashers Available In India:

If you, too, are tired with the task of washing dishes and are planning to invest in a good dishwasher, we have made the task easier for you. We have listed down the top 7 dishwashers in India that you must invest in. All these 7 products belong to good brand and quality, thereby helping you in washing all your kitchen dishes quickly and effortlessly.

No' Of Settings
Water Consumption
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Bosch Dishwasher 12 9 Lit. 2 years Buy Now
Siemens Dishwasher 12 10 Lit. 2 years Buy Now
Voltas Dishwasher 8 8 Lit. 2 years Buy Now
IFB Electronic Dishwasher 12 9 Lit. 2 years Buy Now
BPL Dishwasher 12 9.5 Lit. 1 year Buy Now
LG Dishwasher 14 15 Lit. 2 years Buy Now
Whirlpool Dishwasher 14 9.5 Lit. 2 years Buy Now

1. Bosch Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher:

Bosch is one of the most remarkable brands in the Indian markets that has associated itself with the production of some of the most amazing and operational kitchen appliances. This time, the brand has brought this excellent dishwasher that is packed with the best features.

The Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher is one of the best creations of the brand. There are many qualities of this product that make it a superior choice in the market. This device comes with 12 place settings. Thus, if you have a big family, you can buy this product. It further comprises 6 built-in wash cycles including half-load, express sparkles, intense kadhai, extra dry, varioEco, and pre-rinse that help you wash all your utensils under different requirements. Another remarkable thing about this product is that it doesn’t use a lot of water. Thus, if you live in an area where there is a constant scarcity of water, this product can save your water usage.

This Bosch dishwasher is an affordable product that completes the task of dishwashing your utensils in 60 minutes. It comes with other prominent features such as load sensor, auto-program, half-load option, electronic delay timer, and many others. walking


     * 12-place settings and 6 pre-set programs 
     * Consumption of 10-liters waters 
     * Childproof control lock 
     * Stainless steel build and finish 


     * Not suitable for aluminum and non-stick containers 
     * Too much noise.
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2. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher:

Another one on the list is this 12-place settings dishwasher from Siemens. This product stands out as one of the best products in India. The robustness of this product makes it very popular among one and all. The SN256I01GI by Siemens has some of the most brilliant features to watch out for.

This product comes with a pre-activated various speed that reduces that wash cycle time without compromising on the results of overall washing. This dishwasher provides you the cleanest results under an hour. You don’t have to wait for the machine to be fully-loaded as the half-load concept of this device works like magic. The iQdrive of this product makes sure that the motor is quiet, efficient, and longlasting.

Other prominent features of this dishwasher include a top shower, hydro-mix glass care protection technology, dosage-assist basket, automatic detergent detection, and many others.



    * Standard dimensions of the product to suit all kitchen types 
    * Childproof door lock


     * Pre-cleaning requirement 
     * Difficult to clean sticky utensils 
     * Food particles are to be removed completely from the utensils. 
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3. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher:

Voltas is one of the most reliable and popular brands in India that produces a multitude of kitchen equipment. In this product, Beko, a leading international name has collaborated with the Indian company to bring the best kitchen dishwasher to your home

This product is highly efficient and durable. It comes with touch button controls to let you operate it easily and quickly. This DT8S dishwasher offers you 6 different wash programs. There is an additional second spray arm providing you with more powerful cleaning. It is said that this technology provides up to 5 times improved cleaning to your utensils.

It comes with 8 place settings that include a new shelf system, removable cutlery tray, lower basket glass holder, etc. The higher rack can be adjusted in terms of height and provides for enough space. The dishwasher both water and energy. The compact design of this device makes it compatible with all types of kitchens.



     * Heats water up to 70 degrees for more effective cleaning
     * Waterproof touch panel 
     * Perfect for small families 
     * Lesser energy and water consumption 

Cons :

      * Washes limited utensils in one go.          
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4. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher:

IFB is a reputed name that manufactures some of the most promising kitchen appliances and this electronic dishwasher is proof of the same. This product comes with an inbuilt heater that washes and sanitizes all your utensils simultaneously at a high temperature. No breakage of crockery is caused; hence you can even wash your delicate crockery items in this dishwasher .

The jet washer mode of this product is fast for cleaning all the lesser greasy kitchen utensils. It takes merely 18 minutes to clean such kind of utensils completely with the help of its four-place settings capacity. The device also has an energy-saving efficiency. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your hefty electricity bills at all.

This dishwasher uses around nine litres of water per day. This feature makes this product a go-to option for all those who face the problem of a water crisis in their homes. It is spacious and comprises of racks and shelves that could be adjusted according to the height. There is also a steam drying option using which you can dry out your utensils completely.


Pros :

      * Water softening device ensuring better cleaning
      * Water-saving device 
      * Steam drying of the utensils.

Cons :

       * A little expensive      
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5. BPL D812S27A 12 Place Settings Dishwasher:

BPL is one of the oldest brands that manufacture brilliant kitchen and electrical appliances. This time, the brand has used its creative acumen in the production of the amazing dishwasher and the D812S27A is an example of the same. This is a very affordable dishwasher that doesn’t compromise in terms of quality, thereby giving you everything that you have been looking for.

This appliance comes with a 12-place setting that gives enough capacity to fit the needs of every Indian household while washing dishes. It comes with 8 different wash programs and you can pick the choicest one to clean your utensils rapidly. Apart from being highly efficient, this product is aesthetic as well.

You can choose the half-load feature to wash fewer utensils. Other modes of washing can be used accordingly to obtain the best results. Just like an ideal dishwasher, this BPL dishwasher doesn’t consume a lot of water, thereby providing you the best of all worlds. There is a clear LED display that helps you monitor the wash cycle timely.


### Pros : * 12-place settings * 8 cleaning programs * Beautiful design * Digital LED display

Cons :

      * None 
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6. LG D145WF 14 Place Settings Dishwasher:

This LG dishwasher is a high-end model that comes with some of the most advanced features and functionalities suitable for your big Indian family. The 14-place setting of this product makes it efficient for not only homes but commercial areas as well. The product comprises of 5 different washing programs – dual wash, gentle, eco, auto, and quick wash. You can use the setting accordingly.

The height of the racks can be adjusted as per the number of utensils that you put into the product. You can also fold down these racks to make space for bigger utensils such as cookers and pans. This product has an LED display that gives you information about the washing options, the setting of the temperature, and many others.

This product comes with a user-friendly instruction manual so that you can learn to use it. It is an energy-saving efficient that is a must-buy for your big household or café/restaurant.


Pros :

     * Doesn’t produce a lot of noise 
     * Foldable racks creating space for all kinds of utensils 
     * Affordable price  

Cons :

      * None.   
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Buying Guide for the Best Dishwashers in India:

Listed below are some important considerations to keep in mind when you plan on buying a dishwasher for your living space:

1. Size Of The Family:

Not all families in India are nuclear families. Some of them are very small while others are big. In some cases, people end up living along in their homes/apartments. Thus, it is very important to consider the size of the family before you randomly invest in any dishwasher. Buying a huge-sized dishwasher for a small family is not a good idea. Similarly, investing in a small dishwasher with only a few features and less space is not ideal as well. You must, therefore, buy this product according to the size of your family. The dishwashers come in different tub configurations – 8, 12, and tall. A 12-place setting can hold a maximum of 12 quantities of dinner plates, quarter glasses, saucers, bowls, and dessert plates. If you have a nuclear family, a dish drawer is the best kind of dishwasher to invest in.

2. Drying Mechanism:

Merely cleaning the utensils is not enough, you must pick a dishwasher that comes with a suitable drying facility to serve all your needs. The drying option provides air circulation to your dishes, thereby removing the moisture and wetness completely. This also saves you a lot of time. While looking for the drying options of the dishwasher, take into consideration the factors such as heat, fan, and condensation. It is advisable to choose a dishwasher that comes with all the three facilities.

3. Compatibility With Hard Water:

Washing your utensils using hard water always leaves stains on the same. Also, it takes more water to rinse off the soap/detergent completely. Thus, you must check the compatibility of your dishwasher to hard water while purchasing the same. If you live in an area that supplies hard water, choose a product that has a feature of converting it into soft water before washing the utensils.

4. Noise:

Noise is one of the biggest concerns with any dishwasher. Most of the dishwashers are very noisy. Always check the level of the noise before investing in this kitchen appliance. Your dishwasher shouldn’t be too noisy. The level of noise should always be very low.

5. Energy Efficiency:

The energy efficiency of this kitchen appliance is set according to the BEE-rating. Your dishwasher should always follow the guidelines in terms of the usage of energy so that you don’t have to pay hefty bills further. Always invest in a reliable brand while buying an electric dishwasher. These brands come with all the guidelines and standards regarding the usage of electricity in your household. All of the above-listed products are energy-efficient and you can choose the best one from the list.

6. Smart Features:

Smart or advanced features in any electronic appliance add extra luxury. When smart features are added into your dishwasher, the process of cleaning your dishes becomes easier and efficient. Thus, why pick an outdated model of a dishwasher when you can invest in the one having appropriate smart features? Listed below are some of the smart features that are commonly present in the dishwashers :

  • Mesh filters
  • Removable upper and lower racks
  • Timer to delay
  • Auto-restart
  • Sanitization mode
  • Child safety lock mechanism
  • Adjustable or removable racks
  • Garburator
  • Soil sensors
  • Half-load option
  • Speed wash/eco wash
  • Flood protection

It is no wrong to say that a dishwasher makes a great investment in the present time. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing dishes as this product does the same for you. The only thing you need to be wary about is the brand of the product that you are investing in. It is equally important to consider the buying guide to find the best product according to your need.

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