Best Kitchen Chimney in India: Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Best Kitchen Chimney in India: Reviews and Buyers Guide
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Kitchen chimneys are becoming more of a need nowadays because we are preferring to live in closed environments that have less ventilation and more closed spaces.

All the perks lead to having an environment that is with fresh air leads us in getting kitchen chimneys installed at our places to keep our home away from the smoke generated while cooking, the smell of strong Indian spices and also the hazards that lead to having bad breathing problems.

Chimneys are a good solution for us to breathe free at our own houses. These not only take the toxic and unbearable smell out of the house but also lets us live peacefully with clean air around us. These Chimneys help us to make our kitchen environment efficient and the chimneys are effective in helping clear out the environment.

Buy the best chimney in India:

  • The chimney that provides with best results from getting out the fumes and smoke outside the house and leaving the surrounding with a clean environment is an ideal chimney in Indian households.

  • The chimneys help the kitchen stay from excess oil, smoke and the smell and also keeps the kitchen clean.

How does size of chimney affect?

  • The chimneys come with two size variants. One is in a 60 cm type and the other is a 90 cm type.

  • The 60 cm kitchen chimney is used for the stoves that have 2 to 4 burners.

  • The 90 cm kitchen chimney is used for the stoves that have 3 to 5 burners on the stove.

  • Mostly 60 cm chimneys are used for domestic purposes that is in the houses and small kitchen areas whereas bigger chimneys that are 90 cm chimneys are used in restaurants and have greater power and are efficient.

  • The gaps between chimney and the cooktop should be 26 inches to 30 inches. If the distance is smaller then there are chances for the chimney to catch fire if it comes in contact with direct flame for a longer time. The distance should not be very farther because the chimney will not work properly.

Here are some kitchen chimneys that might help you in your kitchen.

Top 14 Best Kitchen Chimney in India to Buy

Best Kitchen Chimney Power Suction Noise Level Warranty Buy Now
Faber 60 cm Kitchen Chimney 1000 m3/hr 62 dB 1 year on product+ 12 years on motor Buy Now
Glen 6071 EX Kitchen Chimney 1000 m3/hr 58 dB Lifetime warranty Buy Now
Hindware 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product + 5 years on motor Buy Now
Elica 60 cm Filter Less Auto Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product + 5 years on motor Buy Now
Hindware Nevio 90 Kitchen Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product + 5 years on motor Buy Now
Faber Feel Plus Kitchen Chimney 1095 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product + 10 years on motor Buy Now
Sunflame CH RAPID Kitchen Chimney 1100 m3/hr 65 dB 1 year on product + 5 years on motor Buy Now
Elica 60 cm Kitchen Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product + 5 years on motor Buy Now
Glen 6071 EX Kitchen Chimney 1000 m3/hr 65dB Life time warranty Buy Now
Sunflame 60 cm Kitchen Chimney 1100 m3/hr 62 dB 2 years on product Buy Now
Prestige 60 cm Kitchen Chimney 1000 m3/hr 72 dB 2 years on product, 10 years on motor Buy Now
Eurodomo Onyx Kitchen Chimney 1050 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product+ 5 years on motor Buy Now
Faber hood crest Kitchen Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product, 5 years on motor Buy Now
Elica Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 1200 m3/hr 58 dB 1 year on product, 5 years on motor Buy Now

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr kitchen Chimney

The brand Faber has its hands on the production of the chimneys from over 50 years. The brand promises the best quality and high standards and also confirms European safety standards. All their products are sold all over the world including India. This Faber product is a 60 cm chimney with the suction power of 1000 m3/hr.

The price of the product is low and the product quality is quite the best at this price. There are 2 triple layered Baffle Filters that arex available in this chimney that lacks in other chimneys and makes it unique.

This chimney is available in grey or steel colours that are easy to maintain and clean. The operation of this chimney is quite simple and is operated with buttons on the chimney.



     * The product has a unique Faber technology and is efficient in the use.
     * The 3-way exhaustion power is available in this product.
     * The Baffle filters are very durable and 3 layered so it gives good protection and clean process of filtering.
     * To make the process of cooling easy, CFL lighting technology is used. 
     * The filter quality is excellent.
     * This chimney comes with a lifetime warranty.


     * This Kitchen Chimney is expensive.
     * Other colour options are not available in this product. 
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2. Glen 6071 EX Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This brand offers good quality kitchen chimneys in low prices compared to other brands.

The quality of the product is great and the baffle filter fitted in the product is of premium quality. This chimney has a lifetime warranty and is ductless.

The Body of this chimney is made of stainless steel and is saved from rusting and has longer life.

This kitchen chimney has 60 cm of length.

It has a powerful suction power of over 1000 cubic meters per hour.

This product comes in just one colour that is black and gives a very modern and stylish look.

The 2 LED lights are fixed on two either sides of the chimney that allows us to see if the chimney is in working condition or not and also helps us with the cleanliness of the inner surface of the chimney.

The chimney works with push buttons that help adjust the speed of the air filter.

This product is cheap compared to other products and reliable as well.



     * The auto clean feature is really reliable.
     * The sizes of the chimney are 60cm and 90cm that helps the customer to choose according to their requirement.
     * The suction power that this chimney has is quite good
     * These two variants of the chimney are available at the price under 10,000.
     * This appliance comes with an Italian motor which is designed with Italian features.


     * The other chimneys in this price range have a greater suction power than this product.
     * The auto clean feature is not quite great.
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3. Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto clean chimney

Hindware is a company that makes various products in a global market.

The Hindware Nevio comes with a very new hood range that works with advanced technology, has unique design and style.

This kitchen chimney is available in 2 different sizes.

The powerful suction of 1200 cubic metres is a great feature available in this kitchen chimney.

The air tunnel in the hood of the chimney helps take out all the smoke and leave a clean smoke free environment.

This chimney comes with an auto clean feature and 1 baffle filter that helps the easy maintenance of this chimney.

The easily cleanable stainless-steel rust-proof body of this kitchen chimney makes the cleaning job very easy and helps maintain the shine.



     * The thermal auto clean feature in this chimney is a very good feature.
     * LED lamps installed in the chimney save energy.
     * This chimney has a unique touch control feature.
     * The suction power of 1200 cubic meter is great.
     * It comes with a free installation kit.


     * The other companies offer 12 years of motor warranty whereas this chimney is offered only a 5- year motor warranty.
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4. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filter less Auto clean chimney

This is not a popular brand but provides us with efficient products.

This product has a powerful suction of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

This kitchen chimney has an auto-clean feature.

This kitchen chimney comes with a motion sensor and touch control feature that helps us with easy operating compared to other companies.

This chimney comes in black colour that makes it stylish and the company also provides us with a free installation kit with the kitchen chimney.

This product is good in quality and the other features are also great that makes the product customer worthy. walking


     * The suction power that works in this product is unique and effective.
     * Availability of touch control and motion sensor are the perks of this product.
     * This chimney is cost efficient because it saves electricity.
     * Filter less suction is a power that makes this product unique.


     * This chimney is smaller in size and does not come with a bigger sized variant which cannot be reliable for the customers with bigger kitchens.
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Best Kitchen chimneys in India

1. Hindware Nevio 90

This Hindware kitchen chimney comes in a steel finished body for better looks and perfect cleaning.

This chimney has 2 LED lamps that illuminates the insides of it and is giving a good look to the chimney and also lets you know that it is working if there is noise around you.

This chimney comes with an advanced Thermal auto clean technology that makes sure that the chimney is clean at all times.

The oils and other unwanted smoke is passed out of the stainless steel baffle filter that give you maximum air flow.

The powerful metal blower attached in the kitchen chimney is highly efficient and has a good suction capacity.

There is an oil collector cup that is attached to the chimney that allows the extra oil to be passed in it and can be taken out once in a month or whenever desired.

This chimney proves to be a very good option for your kitchen if you are looking for efficiency and great product.

This product comes with a 5-year motor warranty and 1-year product warranty.



     * This chimney has a thermal auto clean technology.
     * The in-built oil collector is a good feature.
     * This devise can be channelled by one touch control technology.
     * The chimney comes with a sleek stainless-steel finish that makes it look elegant.
     * The levels of the suction can be changed with 3 levels according to your cooking needs. 


     * Poor auto-clean technology.
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2. Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW

The only kitchen chimney that provides with 3-way suction facility is the Faber Feel Plus kitchen chimney.

The 3-way suction, that comprises of triangle or tornadic silent suction, triple layered stainless steel baffle filters and auto clean technology makes this chimney stand out from the rest of the variants.

This kitchen chimney has push buttons and LED lights that make a different style statement.

Faber promises good quality product and has provided with good quality hood that makes the motor durable and work for a longer period of time without any hassle.

The technology that makes the chimney 16 times quieter is the Silence key or the SIL-K technology that makes thins chimney more efficient.

A calm cooking environment is formed because of the SIL-K technology that calms the sound from the diffuser and the filters.

The oils, water vapour, smells from the spices and the smoke is collected separately in stainless steel strips to get rid of the odour and this technology is known as the Cut & Chop technology.

25% higher suction area and grease reduction more by 15% is claimed by this Faber kitchen chimney.

This chimney comes with 12 years of warranty and 1- year motor warranty.

Falling in the category of best kitchen chimneys, this Faber Feel Plus chimney does a great work with its features. walking


     * Curve glass top finish with black colour.
     * This chimney comes with 3 regular speed options and 1 extra option.
     * IMQ, NEMKO, UL, CQC have checked the quality control and the product has the quality certificates.
     * The chimney is operated with touch control panel.
     * The SIL-K technology makes this chimney more efficient.


     * Harder to understand the functions at first but works great with all the features. 
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3. Sunflame CH RAPID 90 DX AUTO CLEAN Kitchen chimney

This Kitchen chimney comes with a sleek design make with stainless steel and black finish that can complement any environment or wall colour.

The charcoal filter is used to effectively remove the impurities and small traces of it with the help of high-powered stainless-steel baffle filter.

The oil, dust, grease and any small impurities are taken away with the help of the auto-clean method.

The oil that is filled in the oil collector can be cleaned out and then the cup can be replaced back with ease.

For clean and tidy cooking experience, this kitchen chimney works miracles.

This chimney is provided with 1-year product warranty and 5 years of motor warranty.

The Sunflame chimney can be a good choice in the range of chimneys for a good experience and product.



     * The auto clean system is heat based.
     * It comes with two kinds of filters; one is a baffle filter and the other is the charcoal filter.
     * The design of this chimney that is made with stainless steel and the finish of glass top gives the product a rich look.
     * The touch controls are delicate and easy to use.


     * This chimney is hard in maintenance.          
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Best 60 cm kitchen chimney in India:

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr auto clean chimney WD HAC TOUCH BF 60

This kitchen chimney has the best reviews so far in India and has proved to be the best in the 60 cm category.

For deep frying and spiced food, this chimney works miracles. It takes away all the smell and odour out of the kitchen and leaves the kitchen clean, dry and non-oily.

This chimney is designed in stainless steel and with a glass top.

The suction power of this chimney is amazing and this chimney is quite energy efficient.



     * The chimney comes with good looking design.
     * Quite an energy efficient than other similar variants.
     * The suction power of this chimney is high.
     * It has the auto clean technology.


     * This chimney does not come with a vent cap.
     * Being small, this chimney cannot be used in bigger kitchens. 
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2. Glen Kitchen Chimney 6071 EX Touch Sensor Black 60 cm, Airflow 1000 m3/h

Glen provides you with best in class products and you are never disappointed.

The chimneys from glen are good in every aspect that is in design, performance, safety and durability.

This Glen chimney comes with a copper Italian motor and with a thermally protected overload.

The amount of air flow provided by the stainless-steel filters is high and great efficiency.

There are 3 speed control push buttons that are provided with this chimney.

This product comes with 1-year product warranty and a 7-year motor warranty.



     * The body is coated with curved toughened glass.
     * Being ductless, the installation of this chimney is hassle free.
     * The carbon filters are of a good quality.
     * The baffle filter is made up of stainless steel that makes it durable.


     * There is no pipe attached to the chimney.
     * The suction power is very low compared to other chimneys in the same category.
     * The chimney comes with normal lamps and this makes it less energy efficient. 
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3. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Ductless Chimney
(Innova60AC, 2 Baffle + charcoal Filters)

This chimney comes in the category of rich and durable chimneys.

The baffle + charcoal filters act up very well in their performance.

This chimney is perfect for stoves with 2 to 4 burners and makes the atmosphere clean with ease.

The metallic hood gives a good look to the design.

This chimney comes with a 2-year motor warranty.



     * Best in class baffle filters.
     * This chimney works on touch control.
     * With the auto clean technology, this chimney is easy to clean.


     * This chimney makes quite the noise.
     * The installation of this chimney is difficult because of the new type of model.
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4. Prestige 60 cm 1000 m3/hr 600 CB-Plus Chimney

This brand is well known for various appliances and products in India and has proved to be very efficient in the work.

This chimney is available in black colour and is wall mounted.

This chimney is good for 2 to 4 burner stoves.

The two baffle filters work miracles in the kitchens and helps keep the kitchen clean.

This chimney is a great option for modern kitchens in looks and as well as in performance.



     * This chimney has 2 baffle filters.
     * Comes with an auto clean function.
     * The touch control panel is of great quality.
     * This comes with heat resistant tempered glass.


     * The suction power is low compared to other brands.
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Best ductless chimneys in India:

1. Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo is a famous European company that Designs kitchen appliances.

This Eurodomo chimney comes with elegant tempered glass and black colour.

The filter of this chimney is best in class and the auto clean technology makes the cleaning hassle free.

The oil and other unwanted material is carried into deposits that can be cleaned from time to time.

This product comes in 90 cm length and is ideal for 3 to 5 burner stoves.

This chimney having the highest suction rate can cause sounds up to 58 Db and can be a bit noisy.

This chimney comes with 1-year product warranty and 5 years motor warranty.



     * The suction capacity is 1200 m3/hr which is great compare to other chimneys.
     * Comes with an auto clean feature.
     * It has 2 LED lights which are energy efficient.
     * The touch control panel eases out the experience.


     * The noise caused by the chimney is quite loud than other products.
     * The user manual is not quite up to the mark.          
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2. Faber hood crest 60cm Kitchen hood chimney

This brand comes with a superior suction technology.

The chimneys of Faber work with great efficiency and are best in performance and looks.

The 1200 m3/hr suction power of the chimney works with good force for removing the excess oil and dirt from the kitchen and helping maintain the kitchen hygiene.

This product comes with gesture control which is not a feature in any other chimneys.

This chimney does not come with filters, the motor itself creates clear path for the dirt and dust.

The two LED lights make the chimney energy efficient and provides enough light for cooking.

This chimney comes with 5 year of motor warranty and 1-year product warranty is also provided.



     * This product comes with heat auto clean technology.
     * The oil collector is a good feature.
     * The controls are touch and gesture control.
     * The motor is powerful and works well in any type of climatic conditions.


     * High in price.
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3. Elica Auto Clean Chimney

This product is great in design and looks.

The product comes with a touch control panel and benefits the customer with its great performance and functions.

The Heat auto clean technology is great and using this the chimney cleans itself in one touch.

This chimney has a powerful motor with great suction power of 1200 m3/he

The product comes with 2 LED lamps that consume very less amount of energy.

This product comes with 1-year warranty and 5-years motor warranty.



     * Great suction power.
     * The curved glass looks stylish.
     * It is suitable for 2 to 4 burner stoves.
     * 2 LED lamps are provided for proper light while cooking.
     * The heat auto clean technology is great.


     * No installation guide provided.          
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Top Kitchen Chimney brands in India

1. Elica

2. Eurodomo

3. Faber

4. Hindware

5. Glen

6. Sunflame


    * These brands have unique features and provide best in class kitchen chimneys in various price ranges and sizes.
    * The working and designs differ according to the motor power and design of the chimneys.

Our Remarks:

Kitchens are the best part of our homes and they should be well maintained for the health and hygiene purposes. It is difficult for maintaining a health kitchen if it is constantly stained and can cause health hazards. This article will help you to get rid of your hygiene problems from the kitchen and just by installing a kitchen chimney, your kitchen will look cleaner and will be away from the oil, the smoke and other particles that get in our way and cause health issues. This article will properly guide you through to look out for the best Kitchen Chimney that you need according to your budget and size of the kitchen.

Happy Buying

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