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9 Best Microwave Oven to Buy in India: Reviews and Buyers Guide

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9 Best Microwave Oven to Buy in India: Reviews and Buyers Guide
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When we think of home, what sort of thought wanders around into our minds? Well, to me home can be described as a place that offers me convenience, comfort, food, and all while keeping affordability in check at the back of my mind.

Having said that, amid all the work and activities that we are surrounded by, there is not much of a time left for convenience and food. Check out these scenarios:

You exhaustively walk into your home after working for hours, open up the casserole, then the refrigerator, and end up eating cereal for dinner for the 16th time this month; because you have no energy to cook after a tiresome day. As a working father or mother, you want to make sure you stay up to the working standards and timing of your office; thus, you get the children ready soon and rush to the office. However, all you can think about is how your kids will manage the food (lunch) today.

After living with your parents for 18 years, now, you have begun your life as an adult at a new place and with new surroundings. However, amidst all the changes, the worst one hits when it does not take you long enough to miss hot served and ready to eat food at your dining table.

If you, like many of us, relate to any of the scenarios above, you understand that these are just the basic problems we face when it comes to food. The health, lack of time to eat, preferences, and many other aspects play an important role in a person’s life when it comes to food; as it is not about a day or week, right? Food is an essential and daily part of our, as well as, our loved ones’ lives.

Fortunately, we are not living in the Stone Age and have experienced immense technological advancement in terms of home appliances. Therefore, a microwave oven becomes a necessity in every household in any area. We bring you a complete guide along with the list of best microwave ovens in India.

Buyers’ Guide to Buy Best Microwave Oven in India

We understand that investing in a home appliance product, which is something to be used regularly, is not an easy decision. You do want to have all the information beforehand, and you probably want all of it in one place. Therefore, before simply suggesting to you which microwave ovens are the best to buy in India, we would like for you to go through the buying guide for microwave ovens, that way, you know it all and can choose amongst the suggested microwave ovens that work best in India.

Types of Microwave Ovens

In order to understand which microwave oven to buy in India, it is essential to cover up the basics. Thus, let us go through the types of microwave ovens available in the Indian market. Giving priority to the different customers’ need, there are 3 different types of microwave ovens:

Solo Microwaves

Also known as Standard Microwaves, Solo Microwaves are the basic and entry-level microwaves in the industry. If you are looking for a microwave for basic usage, that is easy to use, and does not have additional features - this type is the best for you. Solo Microwaves allows its users to mainly reheat the food, steaming vegetables, cooking simple dishes, and defrosting food. As this microwave and its features are not too fancy, the price of the same is quite lower when compared to the other microwave types.

Grill Microwaves

These are the types of microwaves where features are taken up a notch. While Grill Microwaves include features of Solo Microwaves, such as reheating and steaming, they come with some additional features. The Grill Microwaves have an internal grill feature, as well as, they comprise additional heating coils that help the users to grill meat and/or vegetables easily. These microwaves are best suitable for the users who want to crisp and brown the food while reheating (or separately); if the texture of the food matters to you, you may want to consider one of these microwave ovens

Convection Microwaves

Consider these microwave ovens as premium products in the microwave industry. The Convection Microwaves comes with the most features, as well as, flexibility in using them. Undoubtedly, these microwave ovens have features of both: Solo and Grill Microwaves. In addition to those, Convection Microwaves come with the heating element to allow the users to heat, grill and cook food as they want. It is the convection microwaves that you require to bake a cake, bread, or make naan and roast chicken. On top of that, Convection Microwaves have an inbuilt fan that helps with the heating waves and allows the users to cook food evenly. For users who require every feature in a single microwave, and the ones who cook large and fancy meals every now and then, these microwave ovens become a necessity.

Features to Consider While Buying Microwave Oven

Well, the types of microwave ovens surely cover up the basics of the guide to buying microwave ovens in India. However, we want you to get complete information before you land on the microwave oven that suits you. Therefore, let us run through the gist of important features that you may want to consider when selecting a microwave oven.

Child Lock

For the users who have children at home, it is essential to have home appliances that are known for their safety and security. Thus, it is crucial for a guardian or parent to ensure that the microwave oven comes with a feature of a child lock. It certainly rules out any risk of mishappenings when kids are around. In most of the microwave ovens, usually, the child lock feature is enabled using a code. That way, not only it acts as a preventive measure towards accidents but also keeps the children from messing with other features of the microwave.

Auto Cook

This is another one of the important features you must look for in a microwave oven. The Auto Cook feature is a built-in auto cook menu that offers a preset program to the user; under this program, you can select the type of dish you are aiming to cook and that is it. Once you select the type of dish, this feature selects what time and power suit the best with the selected dish and sets it automatically. Having said that, this feature mostly comes along with high-end microwave ovens.

Other Features

Besides the above two significant features, these are the additional features to look for in a microwave oven:

● Defrost : This function plays an important role when you want a fast prep time for the food. Based on the weight of the food that is to be unfrozen, the microwave oven automatically sets the power and time for the same. However, it can be done manually, too.

● Wattage : Well, wattage is not exactly a feature, but it is important to understand this aspect as well. Both watts and speed of processing are directly related; if you are looking for a microwave oven that excels in speed, check the microwave that has high watts.

The Capacity of Microwave Ovens

Now that we have a crystal clear idea of the types of microwave ovens (and its features) one can buy in India, let us understand the suitability based on the family size, as well as, the capacity of the microwave oven.

  • A microwave oven with a capacity of 15 to 20 liters is best suitable for a home with 2 to 3 people.

  • Whereas, a microwave oven offering a capacity of 20 to 30 liters, works best between a group of 3 to 5 people.

  • With the maximum capacity of more than 30 liters, these microwave ovens are suitable for offices, joint families, and hotels.

Panel Types of Microwave Ovens

While going through the options to buy a microwave oven, the panel of a microwave is often overlooked. However, a panel of the microwave plays quite a few essential roles in using the microwave- from setting a timer and other features to convenience while heating or cooking meals. Therefore, it is important to understand the type of panels while buying a microwave oven.

Mechanical Panel

This panel is best for the users who aim to use the microwave in the long run. Also, microwaves with a mechanical panel are easier to use and can handle rough usage.

Tact Dial Pane

The Tact Dial panel in a microwave lies somewhere between the Mechanical panel and Feather Touch panel. This panel is touchscreen and much easier when it comes to cleaning the microwave.

Feather Touch Panel

His panel mostly comes with high-end microwaves. As the name suggests, the panel is easy on fingers and features. Similar to the Tact Dial panel, this panel also has a touchscreen system; however, far more than the Tact Dial panel. You can easily set time and temperature with a few clicks. Also, it brings a sophisticated look to the microwave.

Best Microwave Ovens to Buy in India

Now that we are clear on how to buy the microwave oven that goes best with your requirements, let us explore some of the best options available in the Indian market. Also, for those of you who had jumped to this section directly, we have elaborated on the features of each microwave oven separately.

Best Convection Microwave Ovens
Warranty Product/ Magnetron
Buy Now
Bajaj Microwave Oven 17 Lit. 700 Watt 1 year comprehensive warranty Buy Now
Morphy Richards Microwave Oven 20 Lit. 800 Watt 2 years product warranty Buy Now
IFB Microwave Oven 17 Lit. 700 Watt 1 years warrranty on product and 3 years on Magnetron Buy Now
Panasonic Microwave Oven 20 Lit. 800 Watt 1 year comprehensive warranty Buy Now
LG Microwave Oven 20 Lit. 700 Watt 1 year comprehensive warranty Buy Now
Godrej Microwave Oven 20 Lit. NA 1 year on product and 3 years on magnetron Buy Now
Samsung Microwave Oven 28 Lit. 1400 Watt 1 year on product and 4 years on magnetron Buy Now
IFB Microwave Oven 20 Lit. 1200 Watt 1 year on product and 3 years on magnetron Buy Now
LG Microwave Oven 28 Lit. 900 watt 1 year on product and 4 years on magnetron Buy Now

1.Bajaj 17 Liter Solo Microwave Oven - 1701 MT Dlx


When it comes to well-trusted products, the company, Bajaj, is one of the popular names in India.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The microwave oven comes with a mechanical panel to control heating and timing. Thus, it is suitable for people who like their products with minimum technology but good features.
  • Also, it has an inbuilt alarm system that alerts the user when the set timer is up.
  • This microwave has a capacity of 17 liters, making it best suitable for students or nuclear families.
  • The appliance offers the defrost feature to its users; heating up frozen food can be done in no time.
  • It has a power consumption of 1200 watts, making it one of the power-efficient microwave ovens available in Solo Microwaves.
  • The company offers a warranty on the product and Magnetron of 1 year.

Pros :

      * The product comes with 5 different options of power levels; thus, a convenient solution to your requirements.
      * It has an appealing design, along with that, it also works in the long run. 
      * The appliance is not a bulky microwave; it can be easily fitted into any size of the kitchen. 

Cons :

      * The microwave oven is unsuitable for baking or grilling the food. 
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2.Morphy Richards 20 Liter Solo Microwave Oven - 20 MS


Morphy Richards is known best for its quality it provides to the user. Along with manufacturing microwave ovens, it is one of the best quality proof manufacturers of all home appliances.

Features of this microwave oven

  • It has a capacity of 20 Liter, making it proper for medium-sized families in India.
  • The main functions of the microwave oven include heating, cooking, and defrosting of the food in a smooth manner with minimum time.
  • The two knobs on the mechanical panel make it very easy to set the time and temperature required as per the food item.
  • This microwave oven is best known for its energy consumption level, it consumes a minimum amount of energy, making it easy on you- financially.
  • The appliance comes with a 2-year warranty for the users

Pros :

      * The aesthetic appeal of the microwave oven is one of the best (under the price range). 
      * This microwave oven is known for its long life due to the presence of easy jog dials. 
      * An efficient product with 5 different levels of power to suit all requirements.

Cons :

      *  It does not come with a starter kit. 
      * The appliance does not have an inbuilt child lock feature. 
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3.IFB 17 Liter Solo Microwave Oven - 17 PM MEC 1


The company, IFB, is a leading company that has provided the Indian market with some of the best convection microwave ovens. However, this solo microwave oven is one of their wellknown products.

Features of this microwave oven

  • One of the best features of this appliance is that it has 3 different auto cook menus available at the bottom right of the panel.
  • Also, it gives options to cook Indian dishes too. Thus, making it well suited for Indian families.
  • Another unique feature is its inbuilt TDS (Triple Distribution Technology System) that spreads the heat so the food is cooked evenly.
  • The appliance comes with flexible power level options. On top of that, the levels can be changed during the process of cooking the food without having to pause.
  • IFB offers a warranty of 1 year on the microwave and of 3 years on Magnetron and Cavity.

Pros :

      * The product comes with jog dials that lead to usage in the long run.
      * It is one microwave oven that falls under Solo Microwaves but has some features of Convection Microwave as well. 

Cons :

       * The microwave oven does not come with a starter kit. 
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4.Panasonic 20 Liter Grill Microwave Oven - NN GT22IWF


Formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial, this company is one of the ruling companies in the manufacturing industry.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The appliance holds the capacity of 20 Liter; that can serve a nuclear, as well as, medium-sized Indian families.
  • This microwave oven is known for its high power efficiency. Also, it comes with two different options in consuming power: the grill option consumes 1000 watts, whereas, the cooking option takes up only 800 watts of power.
  • The food in this microwave can not be overcooked above the heating range.
  • This appliance comes with an auto cook menu that helps the user to automatically cook dishes matching to its requirement.
  • Also, the microwave oven has a turntable which makes sure the food is heated and/or cooked from every side, evenly.
  • The reheat feature of the appliance also crisps the food while heating.
  • The company provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product.

Pros :

      * Allows the user to cook Tandoor Rotis and other similar dishes. 
      * A wide range of cooking options in the auto cook menu. 

Cons :

      * Some Panasonic products are made in China.
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5.LG 20 Liter Grill Microwave Oven - MH2044DB


As an Indian family, at one point or another, most of us have used LG products and can tell the company stays up to its word and provides some of the best quality appliances to its users.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The microwave oven comes with a digital panel that makes the process much easier as compared to other panels.
  • The auto cook menu feature of this microwave offers 52 different menus to the users to choose the best that fits with the dish.
  • The appliance has the intellowave technology that makes sure that the microwaves are evenly distributed and the food is prepared at a good speed.
  • A unique feature: the microwave oven comes with the quartz heater to ensure safety measures.
  • In order to save energy consumption, it automatically turns off the display when not being used.
  • The microwave oven is best suitable for nuclear families as it offers a capacity of 20 liters.
  • The product comes with a child lock feature as a preventive measure for children in the family.
  • The warranty period for the product is 1 year.

Pros :

       * Exquisite design that enhances the kitchen outlook. 
       * Comes with an anti-bacteria cavity that keeps the nutrients in check and makes it easy to clean the appliance.

Cons :

       * Does not provide a baking facility.
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6.Godrej 20 Liter Grill Microwave Oven - GME 720 GF1 PZ


Headquartered in India, Godrej is another leading brand that has satisfied the electronic product needs of millions of Indians.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The product has a capacity of 20 liters which can be effectively used by a group of 2-6 people.
  • It has an auto cook menu feature that offers 150 different dishes. Also, making it suitable for Indian customers, the menu includes around 90 Indian recipes.
  • The microwave oven comes with an instacook feature that helps the user to speed up the cooking process.
  • In order to ensure uniform heating, the product has an inbuilt multi-distribution system.
  • The main functions of this grill microwave oven comprise baking, reheating, defrosting, and grilling the food in no time.
  • Also, the appliance has a deodorization, as well as, steam feature to absorb and eliminate any odor.
  • Godrej offers a comprehensive warranty of 1 year and a 3-year warranty on Magnetron.

Pros :

      * The defrost function works automatically based on weight. 
      * The cavity in the microwave is coated with a powder that facilitates a better heating process.

Cons :

      * The product consumes more energy than other similar microwave ovens. 
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7.Samsung 28 Liter Convection Microwave Oven - CE1041DSB2/TL


The company, Samsung, is one of the most reputed companies in India. It has several businesses under its name and is known for its best quality products in various genres.

Features of this microwave oven

  • This microwave oven makes your daily life easier by making Rotis, perfect curd, and various other food items.
  • It comes with a tandoor technology with taking up temperature up to 200 centigrades that helps to cook restaurant-like tandoori Rotis and other tandoor associated dishes at home.
  • The appliance comes with the deodorization feature that eliminates the odor and offers the user with fresh food every time.
  • The microwave oven also offers an auto cook menu with several dishes to select from. On top of that, it includes various pre-programmed local dishes for Indian users.
  • To ensure the food is cooked evenly, the product has a turntable of 318mm making it suitable for large utensils and heavy dishes.
  • It has one of the best quartz convection heaters to make sure the user does not burn hands while placing the food inside.
  • Samsung offers a comprehensive warranty of 1 year, a 5-year warranty on Magnetron, and a 10-year warranty on Cavity.

Pros :

      * The microwave oven comes with an LED display that makes the usage easy. 
      * It has several cooking modes and power consumption levels to ensure efficiency. 

Cons :

      * Samsung does not offer the product with a starter kit. 
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8.IFB 20 Liter Convection Microwave - 20SC2


As mentioned above, IFB is one of the best known and reputed companies that produce home appliances.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The appliance comes with a feather touch digital panel that is easy to use and sensitive to touch.
  • It has an inbuilt auto-set cook feature that offers 3 different cooking cycles.
  • Also, the auto cook menu option comes with 24 recipes (Indian, Italian, and Continental) to choose from.
  • The defrost feature of the microwave oven is quite advanced as it requires you to simply put the weight and the rest is automatic.
  • It has additional features like digital time display, child lock, and keypad control.
  • IFB offers its users with a 1-year warranty and a 3-year warranty on Magnetron and Cavity.

Pros :

      * Ensured safety measures. 
      * Aesthetic design to add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Cons :

      * Small cavity. 
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9.LG 28 Liter Convection Microwave Oven - MC2886BRUM


LG is the brand that probably makes every home appliance list at least twice. Its product and services are known to be reviewed as the best by its users.

Features of this microwave oven

  • The product has a capacity of 28 liters that is suitable for all family sizes.
  • Considering Indian users’ requirements, the product comes with a multi cook tawa to cook all types of Rotis and Naans.
  • It’s auto cook feature offers 251 recipes with 175 Indian recipes.
  • The microwave oven has an inbuilt diet dree function to make sure the food is tasty, as well as, healthy.
  • It has an option to make Ghee at home in just 12 minutes.
  • The panel of this microwave oven is touch sensitive, making it much easier to use than other panels.
  • LG offers a 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product and a 4 year warranty on Magnetron.

Pros :

      * The microwave oven comes with a starter kit, rotating ring, and a cookbook. 
      * Attractive design. 
      * Easy milk boiling function. 

Cons :

      * A bit more costly than other similar products. 
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